Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, and half-eaten pear in Prince Edward County. photo credit: Justin Trudeau

Trudeaus to Open Brewery in Bloomfield

April 26, 2017

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY- Two of the County's newest residents decided to throw away a life of international fame and influence to start a new chapter in Prince Edward County.

After recently purchasing the Village of Bloomfield, Justin Trudeau and his partner Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau are excited to announce they are planning to open a micro-brewery in the Bloomfield Town Hall.

Trudeau and Gregoire-Trudeau first came to the County yesterday.

"It was like magic, we fell in looooove with the people, the landscaaaape", sings Gregoire-Trudeau.

"And I basically got tired of dealing with Donald Trump", says Trudeau from their new home in a repurposed walk-in freezer saved from a landfill in Muskoka by Alex Fida.

"We are learning from Alex how to dress. I met him and I was like, wow, he's not wearing socks under those shoes! He was one of the best dressed people I have ever met and I have met Vladimir Putin."

Gregoire-Trudeau sings that in spite of the small population, there are lots of cultural opportunities, especially since they only plan to be here in the summertime. "I am doing a regulaaaar duet niiiiight with Ras Bingi at the Caaaaaddy Shaaaaaack at the mini-golf plaaace"

"And I'm joining an improv troupe, Taste That!", says Justin. "I'll fit right in. I mean, I've been improvising policy for so long now plus I used to be a drama teacher."

But ultimately, even if the promise of a Trudeau Brewery is a broken one, Justin agrees with his wife partner, "the people make this place so special. The only annoying thing is Greg Sorbara keeps trying to sell us the Royal Hotel."